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We’re happy to announce that we’ve further enhanced the integration between Highspot and You can now access every feature of Highspot without leaving

SFDC Integration


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View Playbook Content

Click on any item in your playbook … and you will see it inside of a tab.  Click the back button to jump right back into the opportunity you are working on.

View Playbook Item

That’s Just the Beginning

We’ll continue to integrate more deeply with and other CRM platforms to increase every sales rep’s productivity by having most effective content at their fingertips to close deals faster.  Stay tuned!


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September release adds scored content to, new home page view, and Box enhancements

We are very excited to share the details around our latest release building upon the foundation of our August release that transformed sales portals and playbooks.  We’ve added some improvements to how we display and prioritize content as well as adding an awesome new content score to so the best content to close deals is intelligently prioritized for sales reps and presented in their workflow.  We’ve also enhanced our Box integration with better versioning.   We are continuing to add to and enhance our content automation platform so stay tuned for more great news!

Intelligent Sales Playbooks

Highspot now uses predictive analytics to automatically score the content in your playbooks, so reps know what is really working to win deals.

Salesforce Scores

Streamlined Home Page

Many of you follow a lot of spots and people, and you wanted a home page that did more to organize the items we find for you. Visit Highspot to see the new design!

Home Page


Simplified Versioning With Box

Do you keep your content in Box and add it to Highspot through a linked account? Now you can pull in updated versions from Box with just one click. As always, everyone automatically gets the latest and greatest version.

Featured Content

Is there something important that everyone on the team should see? Just feature it .. and it will automatically show up on your team’s home page.

Those are just some of the updates we’ve added in this latest release of Highspot. Drop by to see them all!


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Content creation is just the end of the beginning

The creation of a piece of content is really just the end of the beginning of its life.

Marketing teams work to create compelling content that will attract potential customers or generate awareness and buzz.  More recently, this content has been the fuel for the marketing automation rocket designed to automatically engage prospects identified to be most interested and prioritize them for sales engagement.  Marketing automation platforms do a great job of removing manual and repetitive tasks as well as creating a new level of visibility into the actions that take place through the buyer journey (web site visits, email campaign engagement, and collateral downloads), all with the goal of more efficient sales engagement and prioritized leads.

Sales automation is designed to make a sales team’s life easier by focusing on making the tasks that consume a salesperson’s day easier, more effective, or fully automated including contact management, forecasting,  and deal status updates to name a few.  All of this is focused on the promise of better performance, improved visibility, and more time to just “sell.”

But what about content?  More specifically the business content used to drive prospect interest at the top of the funnel, facilitate the buyer journey through the middle and end of the funnel and, more importantly, that actually helps win deals?

Companies spend huge amounts of time, effort, and money developing whitepapers, case studies, customer testimonials, data sheets, ROI calculators, and product demonstrations all designed to enable the funnel and drive revenue.

How do you know it is working?  Mostly you don’t.  Anecdotally you will see what the sales team uses and it has often been modified from what marketing produced.  This can produce cringe worthy moments of old messaging, the wrong logo, or errors due to “field enhancements.”  Marketing can track downloads, web traffic, and social sharing but these are activities related to consumption vs. results related to customer wins.

Closing the content loop between marketing, sales, and the customer is an essential part of a high performance company and lets you see just how effective all that created content is for your business.


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Does your sales enablement content balance control and flexibility?

Companies work very hard to optimize their sales processes and to create content that facilitates the buyer journey through those processes.

Portals have historically attempted to provide a way to centrally publish, version, and update all the critical sales collateral providing the control both marketing and sales leaders desire.

Marketing leaders want consistent brand, messaging, and usage of the content and collateral pieces they create so that everything is of high quality and “rogue” materials don’t get released.

Sales leaders, especially ones in businesses where the transaction volume is high or sales process highly structured, want only the pieces of content that power the engine, perceiving anything else as a distraction or a detour from the scripted process.

The problem is that rarely does the portal address the true need because it lacks any type of feedback or continuous learning capabilities.  Often there is a disconnect between what marketing is producing and what sales needs and there is absolutely no visibility into how effective any of it is in actually engaging with and converting prospects into customers.

On one hand you want to ensure a level of quality and consistency across all materials but you also want to make sure the sales team has the tools and discretion they need to successfully compete and win new business.

Creating a closed content loop from marketing-to-sales-to-customers has remained elusive as each salesperson has “their” deck that works with prospects on their laptop with no formal or efficient way to share that with other members of the sales team and absolutely no visibility to marketing about “what works” unless they happen to sit in on a sales call.

Tapping the expertise in the organization in this way and balancing the desire for control and consistency is possible by automating the “content loop” so that marketing sees how its content actually performs, sales gets the flexibility they need, and customers move through the buying journey benefiting from this newly found and understood institutional knowledge.

We built Highspot to solve this problem, understanding that no one has ever really scored content based on how effective it is at different stages of the buyer journey.  We help companies take their portals to the next level by providing dynamic sales playbooks that leverage not only all the organization know-how and expertise but are constantly improved with direct feedback from how effective the various pieces are at driving deal progress and close rates.


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accelerate sales through content

Accelerate your sales process with intelligent content

One could argue that content is the lifeblood of the modern customer lifecycle, from promotional materials produced to drive top of the funnel interest to collateral used throughout the buyer’s journey to win new business.

Marketing creates content to feed paid programs, populate email lead nurturing flows, and drive interest and awareness for the company as it seeks to find and attract qualified sales prospects.

Once interested, these sales prospects require engagement, nurturing, and information that often extends well beyond the marketing department and makes the sales representative the primary point of contact to usher the prospect through the buying cycle.

A disconnect can occur between marketing and sales, where the “in funnel” content is underutilized, modified, or just ignored. How do CMOs know what is working during sales engagement and closing efforts?  How do sales teams share their knowledge of “what works” with the rest of their team? Does sales even provide content feedback to the marketing department?

Very often a large information gap develops around this core part of the customer acquisition process, with little to no visibility around what is used, works well, or gets routinely modified.

We think there is a better way to connect the dots between portals (where content resides) to sales playbooks (where it is put to use) and ultimately into the hands of the prospect who gets value (or not) from all those upstream efforts.

Intelligent content is about optimizing what you have and, in many ways, automating its delivery, updating, and performance reporting.  We think it is imperative to know if all those content development efforts truly translate to customer wins and revenue for the organization and with Highspot you can actually connect the dots, see the results, and the best part is that the prioritization and ranking of the most effective content used throughout your sales process happens automatically.

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Highspot Transforms Sales Portals and Playbooks

We are excited to share the details of our latest release which includes many of the features and capabilities our customers have been asking for including a focus on the marketing to sales to customer content lifecycle as well as supporting and integrating with several new platforms like, Box, and Dropbox.  Here is the full press release:

Highspot Transforms Sales Portals and Playbooks
Latest release adds support, Box and Dropbox integration, and an enhanced mobile experience

SEATTLE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Highspot, the intelligent content platform that optimizes how marketing and sales teams leverage content to engage customers and drive revenue, today announced updates to its service. Focused on transforming sales portals and playbooks, Highspot now integrates with, Box and Dropbox, delivers a significantly enhanced experience on tablets and mobile phones, and provides smart feeds for real-time customer and competitive intelligence.

Customers can now rely on Highspot to ensure important business content, including product marketing materials, market intelligence data and sales playbooks, is updated dynamically, analyzed for performance, and ranked by importance, all with a customized view for each team or individual. While other products on the market focus on simply manually managing content, Highspot optimizes sales-critical content via its data science and machine learning capabilities, resulting in increased seller effectiveness, improved sales management visibility, and on-the-fly delivery of insights to marketing so they can produce content that drives revenue.

“In speaking with organizations of all types about their information challenges, we’ve learned that one of the greatest needs in business today is having intelligent, powerful access to sales materials,” said Robert Wahbe, CEO and founder of Highspot. “Our customers have asked for deeper integration with services important to their sales teams like Box and and our latest release delivers on that and more.”

Notable Highspot updates and additions

  • Sales playbooks – industry-leading definition and execution of playbooks that map content directly to the buyer’s journey with powerful ways to customize views for each opportunity
  • – smart connectivity between Highspot and Salesforce delivers relevant playbooks and other related content directly into lead and opportunity views, mapping the highest performing content to deal stage
  • Cloud-based file access – the new Highspot easily connects with corporate Box and Dropbox accounts, ensuring up-to-date materials are available anytime
  • Versioning – supports distributed copies of materials that can be easily updated and versioned in one place
  • Mobile support –sales activities are happening on-the-go, and Highspot makes portals and playbooks available in a faster, flexible manner that’s just right for tablets and mobile phones
  • Smart feeds – the new Highspot easily grabs fresh RSS-based or search-based feeds for company and competitor research that leverages machine learning to deliver only the most relevant articles, not a fire hose of content that needs constant filtering

Semantic search and discovery

According to Forrester Research, approximately six out 10 times they search, people fail to locate the information they’re looking for at work. Highspot’s goal is to transform the way people in the enterprise connect to information and expertise. It employs machine learning to not only store and categorize a company’s internal documents, but also analyzes how users interact with content, intelligently recognizing each individual’s trends and preferences.

About Highspot

Seattle, Wash.-based Highspot optimizes how marketing and sales organizations discover and leverage their most valuable working content. The Highspot service enables organizations to create portals, execute sales playbooks, track market intelligence, on-board and train employees and simplify team sharing. Rather than simply manually managing content, Highspot uses its industry leading data science platform to deliver predictive analytics, semantic search, and actionable insights. For more information please visit


Is your marketing content falling into a black hole?

You’re looking for a file on your company’s portal or intranet. They told you that’s where it is.

“Just search for it,” they said. So you’ve searched, but you couldn’t find it among the list of documents in the search results.

“It’s there,” they said. Sure it’s probably there, but you can’t find it. It’s as if your content has gone into a black hole. It’s full of Office documents, PDFs, and videos. It has engineering specs, marketing plans, sales playbooks, and maybe even human resources information.

“I can’t find it,” you say. So what do you do? First you rant about how terrible your company portal is. Your office mates agree with you. And then you recreate the document.

If this sounds like you or your company, you’re not alone. Studies have shown that sales reps spend up to 12% of their time recreating content. And that stat doesn’t include the cost in time and resources to first create the document, slide deck, or video.

You need a content solution with features that help marketing store and publish content, and help sales close deals. Not only the basics such as search and browse, mobile access, and sharing, but also next generation features like:

  • Document versioning & updating – Documents get versioned all of the time, but are you sure that the document you just found is the latest version? What if someone saved a version to another folder? A next generation content solution should automatically update any copied versions of the document that has been uploaded.
  • File sharing integration – Your company may have already implemented a file sharing system such as Box or Dropbox. Your next portal solution should access those files without having to import them, and provide search, discovery, and the other features you need.
  • CRM integration – Your sales reps do most of their work in their CRM solution such as Salesforce, and want content available there. Your portal should integrate with your CRM and provide target content to sales, where and when they need it. For instance, as a sales playbook in an opportunity.

If you have don’t have any of these features in your current portal solution, then that black hole is just eating away at your content — and your ROI. You need a solution that helps your marketing and sales teams share, identify, and discover the content that helps win deals.

A solution such as Highspot. Get your free account now.

What top features do you use (or need) in a marketing or sales portal? See more in “Is your marketing content going into a black hole?” and tweet us @highspot.